What we do

Promotional Company Films

In a fast-paced world where we are constantly bombarded with information, the message we convey must have an impact. Film not only activates the senses of sight and hearing but evokes emotion and attachment. Company profile videos inform potential clients of the range of products you have to offer while assuring them of the quality and professionalism of your product. They also bring your business a step closer to your client, establishing a personal relationship with clients, whether in the same city or a continent’s hop away.


Feature packages have the ability to convey everyday stories and experiences in an effective and compelling manner. Using imagery and first hand accounts coupled with appropriate music, viewers can be transferred into the lives of the subjects. Ranging in duration from as short as 60 seconds, feature packages may be used to promote a company or product or to convey a personal story. These have popular appeal across mediums whether TV, internet or handheld devices.

Informational and Training Profiles

Instead of repeatedly hosting expensive training workshops and seminars, informational profiles allows companies, educational institutions and bodies to effectively convey the course material to staff or learners. Using video offers the added advantage of graphically illustrating ideas, situations, and remedies. By making the videos available on a company server, DVD or mobile chat application, it also ensures the viewer may access the footage at their convenience, with full control to review and in a setting which is comfortable.

We also specialise in news coverage, documentaries and events